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We participated in our first driven shoot in Wales in 2014.  From day one we were hooked!  We decided that we wanted to introduce others to this amazing wingshooting tradition.  We started out hosting a single week of driven shooting in Wales in 2015.  We grew quickly, and now run multiple shoots throughout the United Kingdom, Europe, and Northern Africa.  As we have grown, so has our Team.

An Experience You’ll Never Forget

Why Choose Us?



Our goal is to provide as seamless an experience as possible, and to always exceed your expectations. When you come on your first trip with us you will be coming as a client…you will leave as a friend and member of the Delaney & Sons family and community. Our website can give you an idea of what we do, but please call us and we can explain everything in more detail and provide references. We love what we do…it shows when you connect with us!


Personalized Service

We truly believe that we provide a unique service to our teams of guns and their companions, and that we make you feel welcomed. We are not simply sporting agents…we are not outfitters…we provide unforgettable experiences. We don’t just send you overseas on an adventure, we take you on the adventure. And, we are with you every step of the way. Planning to arrive early and want to tour the workshops of the great gunmakers of England, Scotland, or Spain? Done. Want to stay late and learn how to spey cast for salmon on the actual River Spey? No problem. Dietary restrictions? Handled. Worried about traveling with your guns? Don’t. We have you covered. From the time of booking we maintain regular communications to make sure that we keep you informed about your trip, and to answer any requests.



We focus on providing a valuable experience for our Teams of Guns. With high quality birds presented in diverse terrain, top shelf food, and excellent accommodations, you will want for nothing. Whether you are new to driven shooting or come every year (or more than once a year), you will find that no where else provides the authentic experience, cultural immersion, and value of driven shooting like Delaney & Sons.


No Hassle Experience

All you need to do is make it to your destination airport (Heathrow, Edinburgh, or Madrid) and we take it from there. You will be collected at the airport, transported to our home for the week, and looked after from that point forward. All hunting fees, lodging, food, permits, shooting insurance, ammunition, and drinks in the field are included. We have a range of vintage and modern shotguns for you to use, so there is no need for you to travel with your own gun (we will arrange for the proper travel permits if you do). The only exclusions are airfare, gratuities, a dedicated loader, and drinks in the evening (all alcohol is included in Spain).



We couldn’t agree more. We shoot at upscale farming estates as well as shooting grounds frequented by royalty. Regardless of the venue, we encourage our guns to interact with the whole team; the keepers, the beaters, the dog handlers, and pickers-up are all essential. A day of driven shooting is a community affair, and not to be missed.

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